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In the spotlight

20 September 2016

Top Brands is an independant Belgian restaurant group. It operates 2 well recognised power brands in France and Belgium: Pizza Hut and PAUL. It recently acquired Wasbar, a unique and trendy restaurant concept. Top Brands currently operates 230 stores with 3.500 employees.

11 March 2016

Almost every MarCom team is overloaded with countless seemingly small tasks that weigh heavily upon the department. Tasks the team is overqualified and overpriced to execute, and that distract from your core task. Using Yellow Cubes, you can simplify, delegate, manage and automate common MarCom tasks. You have more time to improve your work and… unleash your full MarCom potential.

Gymna webshop made by PHPro
29 February 2016

Gymna is a distributor of physiotherapy products and market leader.
As they are aiming to grow, a fast, mobile and professional webshop is a must.

Wandelsport Vlaanderen Clubportaal Logo
07 January 2016

Wandelsport Vlaanderen originates from the merger of three organisations (AktiviaVrije Vlaamse Recreatiesporten and Vlaamse Wandelfederatie). They are now centralised in one organisation with 60.000 members en +500 clubs. Wandelsport Vlaanderen organises hikes in Flanders, Belgium.

28 September 2015

bpost released a new Magento plugin replacing the existing Magento plugin which was developed by PHPro.

For the new module bpost again chose PHPro as a partner to develop a quality Magento module. The main difference with the previous module is that the selection of bpost delivery methods (including choosing a pick-up point or parcel locker) is fully integrated in Magento. This looks and works a lot smoother as in the previous module where the bpost frontend was partly used in a modal window. The new module is also fully responsive.

09 April 2015

Whoohoo! The Kariboo! Shipping Manager Magento plugin integrates the delivery methods of Kariboo! right into your webshop.

PHPRo developed yet another succesful Magento shipping module.

As one of the most experienced Pick-Up & Drop Off (PUDO) specialists in Belgium, the parcel service Kariboo! treats thousands of parcels each day and offers a multitude of advantages:

River Woods Logo
01 March 2015

River Woods is an international and authentic lifestyle brand for the whole family, reflecting strong values as friendship, family values and the sheer joy of living!

PHPro developed the complete new Magento e-commerce environment. A profound business analysis was done before developing this new fashion e-commerce platform.

16 December 2014

Vegaplan primarily focuses on agricultural companies and contract workers that wish to obtain a Vegaplan or sector guide certificate. In addition, Vegaplan also concentrates on all the customers of the primary vegetable sector: companies from trade and the processing industry of vegetable raw materials.

06 November 2014

Engels Group is a large family business in Antwerp who has always been exploring new markets and domains. The Engels Group has become an umbrella grouping of three divisions: "Electrogroothandel D. Engels", "Thermo Comfort" en "Engels Design and Decoration".

29 September 2014

VLIR-UOS supports partnerships between universities and university colleges, in Flanders and in the South, looking for innovative responses to global and local challenges. VLIR-UOS funds cooperation projects between professors, researchers and teachers.