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In the spotlight

04 October 2016

We are thrilled to inform you that we gained 50% speed increase by updating the PHP version for one of our customers.

28 September 2016

PHPro is glad to announce their partnership with Akeneo, an open source Product Information Management (PIM) system designed for retailers looking for efficient answers to their multichannel needs.

20 September 2016

Top Brands is an independant Belgian restaurant group. It operates 2 well recognised power brands in France and Belgium: Pizza Hut and PAUL. It recently acquired Wasbar, a unique and trendy restaurant concept. Top Brands currently operates 230 stores with 3.500 employees.

19 August 2016

September is coming, and we're open for internships!

Check our internship document to find out more about PHPro and our options for interns!

16 August 2016

Our contest has ended, thanks to all for participating. There were a lot of you :-)
Gabriel and Bruno have been picked from the raffle and have been contacted. They will receive their SDD Disk shortly!

Read on to find out how you could have hacked the website and how we tried to handle malicious contestants.

27 July 2016

Have you ever wanted to hack a real website? Now it's possible to show off your developer and hacking skills!

We've designed a hacking competition in which you'll have to find a way to change the image on the website.

The website is here: Try to hack me !!!

13 May 2016

Friday the 13th of May was a special day for us. Yes, it is considered as an unlucky day in our country, but for PHPro it wasn't!

15 April 2016

As a Magento Solution Partner from Belgium we had the priveledge to join Magento Imagine 2016.
This 3 days event held in Las Vegas (we know.. perfect location!) is thé event in the Magento Landscape. More than 2.500 Magento experts from 45+ countries come together and exchange knowledge, experiences and information.
We love to share some of our experiences we had.

11 March 2016

Almost every MarCom team is overloaded with countless seemingly small tasks that weigh heavily upon the department. Tasks the team is overqualified and overpriced to execute, and that distract from your core task. Using Yellow Cubes, you can simplify, delegate, manage and automate common MarCom tasks. You have more time to improve your work and… unleash your full MarCom potential.

Gymna webshop made by PHPro
29 February 2016

Gymna is a distributor of physiotherapy products and market leader.
As they are aiming to grow, a fast, mobile and professional webshop is a must.